Userflows is a product of the Marvel API. It's a sitemap tool which syncs with your Marvel prototypes and displays their UX flows in a detailed and visually dynamic way.

Even the simple interactions in prototypes can have complex flows which are hard to explain in conversation and on paper. Userflows solves this for you - it saves you hours creating printed workflows to communicate your product to stakeholders and presents you with a sitemap, that's easy to follow and understand.

Userflows is perfect for providing a clear overviews of prototype flows and explaining the structure of an app or website to clients or other stakeholders.

Here's how to get started:

  • Copy the URL of your Marvel prototype
  • Head over to
  • Simply, paste in the URL in the top right to generate your sitemap
  • Voila! That's it, your prototype will be displayed as a site map with easy to follow navigation.

userflows 1

userflows 2