Designing online, made simple. No software or experience required.

  • A design tool in your browser

    We built our online design platform with everyone in mind; as a result we created a simple and intuitive design tool which enables everyone to quickly create beautiful assets and mockups. There’s no learning curve and no software required, so everyone can get involved.

  • Feel like a professional designer

    Complex online design tools have created an intimidating stigma around the practice. We’re challenging that.

    With our accessible library of templates and assets, we’re taking the complexity out of design. Meaning individuals can jump in with ease and teams like content, marketing and sales can work alongside the design team effortlessly.

Democratise design across your business

Marvel puts the power of design in everyones hands, leading to better ideas, innovation and culture.

We’ve crafted intuitive design tools that mean new users can onboard in minutes, making it easy for anyone to jump in and collaborate on designs.

  • Open and edit Sketch designs (Beta)

    Remix ideas and make your own changes to designs uploaded by your team from Sketch

  • Team Libraries

    Improve brand consistency across your products, marketing and more through sharing your brand assets and UI kits company wide

  • Access work anywhere

    All your designs are saved within Marvel on the cloud, so you can open up your work from any device. No files or fuss.

Access millions of stock photos, icons and assets

Don't know where to start? Don't panic!

We have a huge collection of pre-made assets, images and icons which will help you visualise your ideas and get you to your first design fast.