Introducing Ballpark - Simple surveys and user testing for prototypes
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Your Sketch workflow, reimagined

Seamlessly import prototypes and sync artboards from Sketch into Marvel, then handoff code and help bring teams together.

  • Import Sketch prototypes into Marvel

    Send your hotspots to Marvel and create prototypes that update as and when you make changes in Sketch - no need to reorganise or revisit. We speak Sketch's language, leaving you with more time for problem solving.

  • Design, sync, work together

    Effortlessly sync artboards from Sketch to new or existing Marvel projects. Automated syncing means less manual work for you and your team and creates a centralised space for how your team collaborates.

Strengthen product teams and transform workflows

Consolidate the entire design process with Marvel + Sketch. Sync, create, record and bridge the gap between design and development with access to Handoff and watch your teams efficiency reach new levels.

  • Access anywhere

    Your designs are no longer tied to one device. Access and collaborate anywhere with our web platform, iOS and Android apps.

  • Play, record, share

    Play prototypes without leaving Sketch to double check flows, then record videos of your prototype flow to share with clients and stakeholders.

  • Developer ready

    Every artboard you add from Sketch is automatically transformed into code, specs and assets, ready for developers to start working.

  • Bring it to life in Marvel

    Take your prototypes to the next level with a wider range of transitions, ability to embed video and link to URLs. Our library of integrations means it doesn’t have to stop there, create meaningful user tests with Maze or streamline product management with our JIRA integration and more.