Make Marvel your centralised space for collaborative ideas, design feedback and iterations

Cross-company collaboration

Keep everyone up to date using the features that make Marvel the perfect collaborative design platform.

Add collaborators to projects, assign user roles and leave feedback through comments and annotations.

“If we added up all the time it would take to discuss new features and designs without using Marvel, it would definitely add weeks to the design process.”

Rene Galindo, Lead Product Designer at Cabify — Read Case Study

  • Create and iterate, together

    It's our mission to democratise design collaboration which will improve the creative process - making design more inclusive, collaborative and innovative.

    Instant access to all company projects for your directory members, means full visibility for your colleagues and helps you get to your best idea fast.

Collaboration built for scale

Companies globally are using Marvel to transform how their teams work together throughout the design process.

With our design collaboration tool users share designs, receive feedback and make changes in one place. Helping them move faster and communicate better.

  • Shared folders

    Keep company projects organised for internal and external stakeholders by building folders for different teams or related projects, whatever works for you.

  • Activity notifications

    See who’s working on what and get activity notifications in real-time, whether they're design changes or feedback left in comments.

  • User Management

    Set access and permissions to projects for everyone in your team from admin to external reviewer, ensuring you the security and control you need.