Designer to developer code handoff

Collaboration from designer to developer is essential for a smooth implementation of designs. An accurate code handoff tool will save hours of unnecessary work.

Turn designs into code, specs and assets

Automatically turn designs into accurate developer specifications with code, measurements and specs that you can quickly copy into your code editor, reducing errors when moving into development. Alongside that, Handoff generates all of the assets within the design file into a handy ZIP file.

Public developer share links for easy access

Give instant access to your developers with public share links direct to the specs and assets needed to they can start building straight away. Place links in JIRA issues, spec documents, Slack and emails so the team can access what they need, when they need.

Keep Handoff in sync with your design system

With Marvel Handoff, you’ll get access to any symbol and style names that have been set in Sketch, allowing developers to easily access any layer and see exactly what part of the design relates to the design system.

Integrated prototyping

Handoff is displayed next to its interactive prototype so your developers can see exactly how the designs interact, side by side with how to to build them.

Validate before development

Get actionable insights prior to development with built-in usability testing tools. Gather video, voice and analytics and discover how to make your designs perform better.

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