Marvel for Consultancies

Drive digital transformation through innovative design

Marvel helps consultancies around the world deliver exceptional client and customer experiences through a suite of tools that power collaborative design, prototyping and testing at scale.

Set your clients up for success through delivering innovative, user-centric design solutions with Marvel.

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Democratise design by giving every team access to the right tools

From designers to researchers and analysts, Marvel consolidates and simplifies dozens of professional, creative workflow tools - enabling every department to wireframe, design and prototype.

We strive to lower the entry barrier for design and creative tooling. That's why it takes less than 30 minutes to onboard and complete your first project with Marvel. With no learning curve, our platform empowers every team to drive a design-led culture.

Get buy-in early on with feedback loops reduced to minutes, not days

Increase transparency between teams, managers and stakeholders with Marvel's open collaboration tools, including comments, annotations and visibility dashboards. You'll see feedback become more contextual and meaningful, instantly.

With Marvel, you'll experience a streamlined sign-off workflow, moving effortlessly from idea through to delivery.

Co-creation tools that turn clients into collaborators

We believe that the strongest relationships form when clients are made to feel part of the process. Marvel helps you keep clients and stakeholders in the loop every step of the way, whether you're brainstorming or reviewing final designs.

Our apps help you turn paper sketches into interactive prototypes, great for early stage concepts during client sessions. Further along, prototypes will update design changes in real time from Sketch. Need to control access to prototypes? We have a range of user roles including an external reviewer setting.

Validate ideas at speed with user testing

Reach your client's end-users and generate valuable data to help you and clients create innovative and user-centric design solutions. Marvel comes with User Testing built in, which means you can get rich video, audio and analytical feedback on your designs in just a few clicks.

Test with your team, clients and end-users by simply sending a link. No hardware or lab required!

The tools you need to scale Design Thinking

Our platform and content help power workshops around problem-solving approaches including design sprints, code-free prototyping, helping up-skill non-designers with modern idea-to-launch methodologies and frameworks.

Challenge the industry norm and become a CX centric design leader with Marvel Enterprise.
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