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Deliver world class design to your clients, in record time

In design, good client relationships can steer and streamline success. However, delivering the best client experience from brief to sign off can be tricky, whether that’s due to lack of collaborative tools, design understanding or tight deadlines.

With Marvel, design teams can present low fidelity and hi fidelity prototypes to clients either on the big screen or quickly shared via URL to any device. The platform’s seamless collaboration tools drive powerful client communication that helps you achieve more, faster.

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Democratise design by giving every team access to the right tools

From designers to researchers and analysts, Marvel consolidates and simplifies dozens of professional, creative workflow tools - enabling every department to wireframe, design and prototype.

We strive to lower the entry barrier for design and creative tooling. That's why it takes less than 30 minutes to onboard and complete your first project with Marvel. With no learning curve, our platform empowers every team to drive a design-led culture.

Bridge communication gaps with clients

Client work should be an ongoing collaborative process, but often feedback can get lost in email chains or left undeciphered in meeting notes. Marvel’s commenting features mean both your team and your external stakeholders can leave annotated notes across designs - so feedback is clear, documented and all in one place. Our dedicated ‘External Reviewer’ role sets restrictions on access, without exclusion.

Speed up time to sign off

We know it can be difficult to get the right people in the same room at the same time. With Marvel, you can share prototypes and design work with a simple and secure URL. Clients and teams can quickly leave feedback through comments and annotations directly on designs to move projects to sign off faster.

Test work with internal and external stakeholders

Every product or feature is designed with a goal in mind that you want the end-user to achieve. Marvel helps you hit that goal through our User Testing tools where you can improve the experience for your clients end-users or customers. Gather audio, visual and analytical data on prototypes to guide your iterations and create a fantastic user experience.

Drive co-creation with ease

Better products are made together but with most tools having a steep learning curve, it can be difficult for stakeholders to adopt or get involved. Marvel isn’t just for designers. The simplicity of our design platform means it’s easy for anyone to onboard, access prototypes and create them too. Marvel supports users through the Design Thinking process which helps ideate and create user-centric products. Download the free kit.

Challenge the industry norm and become a CX centric design leader with Marvel Enterprise.
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